Time Management Should Save Time, Not Take Time

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Time Management should save time, not take time.  
Don’t say you don’t have enough time.

same time

Because you have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” and everybody else.

I bet lot of you try to be hyper-productive.

You know — the people who scurry from task to task, always checking e-mail, organizing something, making a call, running an errand, etc.

The people who do this often subscribe to the idea that “staying busy” means you’re working hard and are going to be more successful.

While this belief may be true to an extent, it often leads to mindless “productivity” — a constant need to do something and a tendency to waste time on menial tasks

I believe in. Working Smarter, Not Harder

The old adage, “work smarter, not harder” has become the given in the way I go about my work !

Instead of being robotic in how you approach tasks, try to be thoughtful and always ask yourself if something can be done more efficiently or maybe even eliminated altogether.

Managing your time isn’t about squeezing as many tasks into my day as possible. It’s about simplifying how you work, doing things faster, and relieving stress.

It’s about clearing away space in your life to make time for people, family, play and rest.

I promise you — there really are enough hours in a day for everything you’d like to do, but it may take a bit of rearranging and re-imagining to find the way.


  By investing in your time management skills you should actually have more time in your day.

And the best time management habits fade into the background and become part of your daily routine.

When I started my first business, I had a terrible time organising my day. Seven days a week, work was my number one priority.

I fed on the thrill of achievements. I dashed to meetings, raced to meet flights, and ate whatever food was given to me, like airline food and takeaway food, which is terrible stuff.

My house was a mess, with stacks of bills that I was too busy to open, let alone pay,

Once my phone was cut off and my credit card declined.

Not because I didn’t have the money, but because I was trying to focus so much on my work and travel that I didn’t have the time to the pay bills.

It was embarrassing, it was as though I couldn’t take control of my own life.

This chaos went on for almost a year, until I reached breaking point, and started asking myself, “Why am I living like this? What is the purpose?

And then I realised that I had to reprioritise.

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To your success,

Kevin Hargraves

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