How To Create a Great Sales Team

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How To Create a Great Sales Team. How does your sales team stack up?  Are they committed and happy?

sales team

To have a great sales team, you need to reward them well for their effortsgive them encouragement and show them you care.    

Hotspot Marketing research

46% of salespeople didn’t intend to go into the sales profession.

And those who did not intend to pursue sales are less likely to seek training outside of work. 

as Richard Branson from Virgin said:

“Reward your team so well, that they don’t want to leave and if they are happy they will look after your customers for you”

Now that’s a great Quote

Do you have a Job description for all of your sales people and staff in general?

job description

It is important to give your sales team a job description.

A job description gives your employee a clear direction of what his or her duties are, and step by step instructions and criteria of the direction for each employee, how you want them to perform, what their remuneration is, and their hours of duty. You should work out what skills and knowledge you need, and what any new staff member will be expected to do.

Also, if you are replacing a staff member, it is a good time to update his or her job description.

When you have all your job descriptions completed, it will be so beneficial.

This is also important so all your staff members will know exactly what is required of them.

This will make your business operate so much more smoothly and give you more time, and flexibility.

Team Training and Coaching 

is so important so as to have a team who you can trust to do as per your company’s policy and procedures and that will then give you more freedom in your life.

Sales training is so important, as not many sales people know how to ask for the sale, they let customers just choose to buy or not to buy, and do not sell to them, loosing sales consistently.

You will need to have some good sales training and coaching techniques and procedures, that you can implement and this will improve their sales out of sight.

In my next blog we will look at  Does your sales team have a Sales Plan, …… identifies the steps they will take to meet your targets?

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